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Art taster sessions at Palace

It was here at the old Fürstenberg Palace that many of Sweden’s most famous artists worked, lived, partied and socialised with patrons Pontus and Göthilda Fürstenberg. You can now develop your own artistic talents in this historic building. At Palace art taster sessions, you and your friends can have a go at painting, drawing and sculpting under the supervision of one of our tutors. Novice or more advanced – anyone can join in, creating works of art and socialising in playful, relaxed and inspiring surroundings. Each art taster session ends with an “opening”, with food and drinks laid on. We can organise a theme based on your preferences.



Paint a still life composed of whatever the building and the kitchen has to offer in terms of flowers, fruit and vegetables, depending on the season. Let yourself be seduced by the sumptuous table where glowing colours and shapes stimulate your desire to paint. We review watercolour techniques, try them out and have a go at painting a masterpiece.


Pencil in hand, you tackle a blank piece of white paper. How to start? What should I do? Working from a still life, you will come to understand the different ways to relate to what you see and draw with pencils and charcoal. Using simple techniques, you learn how to produce your own picture – to create. Mount your favourite picture using passe-partout, followed by an “opening”.


The study of the human body has always been a central theme in art. Drawing a live model broadens knowledge of proportions, balance, volume and rhythm. “Croquis”, another term for life drawing, is the French for “quick sketch”. And these taster sessions live up to the name! In a short time, you will be able to capture the position of the body and take note of what you feel it is essential to convey. It is difficult, but fun and challenging. Charcoal and pencils at the ready!


Sculpting allows you to truly grapple with form and vision. With the model as a starting point, you can try your hand at sculpting clay. Allowing your hands to shape what you see is often considered easier using a pencil. It’s also a great sensation. The clay is perishable and difficult to save after the session, but we can photograph your sculpture for posterity.

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