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The setting for
life’s special events

Here, in the old Fürstenberg Palace, parties and celebrations have been held since the 1800s. Even today, this is one of Gothenburg’s most spectacular settings for all types of events. All our rooms can be booked for parties. For really big celebrations, such as weddings, 50th anniversaries, etc. the floor at the top of the building is the most popular choice. This floor, with the historic Fürstenberg Gallery and Triptych, offers plenty of space for large parties, dinners, social events, dances and music. You can see and read more about all of our rooms here.

Nordic Summer Evening

A room inspired by Richard Bergh’s work, which was one of Pontus Fürstenberg’s favourite paintings and which became a symbol of the Nordic light movement. An excellent environment for discussion and philosophising, dreaming and showing off, as well as sharing emotions and memories.

The Wild Kingdom

Bruno Liljefors’ wilderness made accessible to city dwellers and a peaceful haven in the heart of the bustling city. Come and explore nature itself, the changing of the seasons and the secret world of animals.

Night Effect

Fin de siècle, decadence and a Bohemian nightlife, where the absinth and perfume are intoxicating. Explore Anders Zorn’s depiction of pulsating city life in the turn-of-the-century art metropolis of Paris.

Café Ledoyen

A slightly smaller room that can handle the large gestures and carefree, exhilarated side of backbreaking artistry. Inspired by Hugo Birger’s painting, take your place among the artists and other patrons of Café Ledoyen on the opening day of the art exhibition in Paris in 1886. À la vôtre!


Experience a creative spirit that is free and uninhibited and the genius inherent in the artist’s soul that sometimes borders on madness. A place for temperament and creativity inspired by Ernst Josephson’s fantasy world and creative energy. Expressive, explosive and energetic.

The Fürstenberg Triptych

Three rooms in one; just like Carl Larsson’s triptych that once adorned these walls. Here you can also find clear nods to Larsson’s home in Sundborn. The room can be divided by a movable wall and is adjacent to Fürstenbergska galleriet (The Fürstenberg Gallery).

The Fürstenberg Gallery

The Fürstenbergs’ classic red gallery where art history was made. One of Gothenburg’s most magnificent rooms, ideal for truly grand celebrations and events.


Salongen (The Drawing Room) is located in the Palace Hotel’s old hall of mirrors and is the perfect setting for modern-day get-togethers and receptions. It is suitable for all manner of meetings, conferences, lectures, launches, performances and parties. There is a lounge area equipped with a bar, stage with sound system, and open fireplace.

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